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Integrated System of Prenatal Care


How does PrenCare™ work?

The PrenCare™ Integrated System of Prenatal Care is based on using a continual external tocography in relation to the physical activity of a pregnant woman.

The PrenCare™ system consists of a small mobile sensor, which is attached directly to the belly of a pregnant woman using an elastic band. The mobile sensor monitors the uterine activity and physical activity of a pregnant woman and stores the data in memory. Transmission of data to the physician is performed through the sensor connected to a computer or smart phone via Internet. A pregnant woman is provided with the software application for data transfer and her obstetrician needs the software application for receipt and evaluation of the collected data.

What happens during the monitoring?

The course of uterine contractions is captured by a sensitive pressure sensor and it is recorded together with the physical activity of a pregnant woman in the internal memory of the device.

The PrenCare™ mobile sensor works on the principle of passive data recording. It does not transmit or radiate anything during the monitoring. The device is designed as fully safe for the pregnant woman and her foetus and it can be used even long-term. The device that comes in direct contact with the patient is charged only using a low-voltage accumulator. Transmission of data occurs only after the device is removed from the body of a pregnant woman, typically once a day. The complete monitoring results are only accessible by the physician.

The length and time of monitoring is determined by the physician; To reliably evaluatate the results, it is necessary to acquire the records of at least 6 hours in duration. The patient can perform data collection in several time periods, which must cover the total time requested by the physician.

The use of PrenCare™ system gives furthermore the mothers an opportunity to record a subjective feeling of a contraction during measurement which increases objectivity and precision of evaluation of the record.

Is PrenCare™ suitable for me?

The vast majority of women perceive pregnancy as an exceptional and precious period of their lives. The peak of the whole expectation is a birth of a healthy newborn well prepared for life. However, sometimes something goes “wrong”.

The PrenCare™ Integrated System of Prenatal Care by itself does not heal anything. However, what it can do really well is collection and evaluation of data to see if the uterine activity is still within normal limits or whether there are signs of undesirable deviations.

Besides the already recognized high risk pregnancies with a potential threat of premature birth for which using of PrenCare™ ISPC is absolutely the best benefit, it can be appreciated by a much wider group of expectant mothers. Those who do not feel well but so far were unable to objectify these feelings.

These are typically women who worry because of too frequent hardening of the belly or have other hard-to-describe feelings and the obstetricians can not find anything out of the ordinary during a regular check-up. By using the PrenCare™ ISPC, the physician gets truly objective records of uterine activity in his hands, which can then be compared to the subjective feelings of a pregnant woman, with her physical activity and thus he can more precisely evaluate the actual situation of her uterine activity.

Another group are mothers who suffer from anxiety and worries about the course of the pregnancy. Even here, a more detailed monitoring and analysis of the health condition of the expectant mother can play an unambiguously positive role.

And at last, PrenCare™ is of course suitable for all expectant mothers who want to monitor their pregnancy and simply know "what's going on".

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