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Integrated System of Prenatal Care


The idea for the development and production of a mobile device for monitoring the uterine activity in the last third of pregnancy that would be usable at home was born in the head of an acknowledged gynaecologist around the beginning of the new millennium.

A study performed at the turn of the '70s and '80s of the 20th century on a set of selected pregnant women at risk of premature birth in the USA by the team of Michael Katz, M.D. team was the impulse for the creation of such a device. Women were monitored for an extended period of time using a device working on a similar principle as PrenCare™. That means a long-term home monitoring of uterine activity, data recording and subsequent transfer of the collected data to the physician for evaluation. The results were excellent. There was a significant decrease of frequency of premature births.

The drawback included insufficiently developed technologies and, at that time, the problematic data transfer and too high costs. And so for a long time, the study remained unused in real life.

Only a gynaecologist from Zlín, Pavel Baran, M.D. an excellent specialist in high-risk pregnancies, in collaboration with Jaroslav Korec, M. Sc. (owner of Medetron Ltd), who took care of the organization of the development of technical and SW solution, managed to revive this idea. The original simple monitoring of uterine activity was completed with the records of physical activity of the pregnant woman and this brought the applicability of such a device to a whole new level. However, none of the spiritual fathers of the project lived to see the successful completion of the project.

After completion of development, the Integrated System of Prenatal Care, PrenCare™ successfully passed tests in Department for Mother and Child Care in Prague Podolí(Ústav pro péči o matku a dítě – UPMD), clinical tests and acquired all necessary attests and permissions.