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Integrated System of Prenatal Care

Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is not an illness even though it is often being understood so. It is a period of life of a woman when a foetus is growing in her body, therefore simply 'a different condition'. By transferring from the environment inside the uterus to the environment outside the mother's body the foetus becomes a newborn.

Most pregnancies are very physiological. However, one quarter to one third of women have risk factors, which can affect a course of the pregnancy. In extreme cases, these factors can lead to premature birth.

A premature birth means when birth occurred before completion of 37th week of pregnancy. The medical science in last few years has significantly advanced and the vitality of a foetus was thus determined as 24th week of pregnancy.

And how is this all related to PrenCare™ ISPC? The statistics show a very high relevance between data on uterine activity and imminent premature delivery. The possibility of long term monitoring of uterine activity in the second half of pregnancy at home as well as at work gives us a new tool to monitor selected pregnant women and a chance to detect and treat any undesired changes in uterine activity earlier. And in many cases this is without the need for hospitalization or at least with a significant decrease of its duration.